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Yellowjacket and Wasp Trap
Model No. YJS       1 Trap with 1 Lure
  • Catches 9X more than other brands
  • Reusable
  • Side entry holes make it easier for insects to get into trap
  • Trap contains yellow pigments and UV dye for better bug attraction
  • All natural ingredients

  PDF Instructions

Instructions for Use: Fill Jar full with sugar water, apple juice or other non-citrus juice. Add 2 drops of dish soap and the contents of the bait packet. To increase catches, add a dime-size portion of protein bait such as fish, cat food, hot dog or hamburger meat. Knot one end of the twist-tie hanger and slide through hole in the lid. Hang the trap securely away from food areas and out of the reach of children and pets. Trap can also be placed on the ground. Rinse and re-bait the trap when full of insects or every 2-3 weeks. Traps work best in warmer weather. Use 4-6 traps per yard for best results.

Replacement lures are available! They're sold separately.


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