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Spring has sprung, and so have the bugs

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Flour Moth Photo

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Aphid Photo

Aphids like to munch on plants, so they can be a pest both outdoors and indoors with your potted plants.
Apple Maggot Photo

Apple Maggots tend to lay their eggs on your fruit, the larva that hatch are what cause the visible damage to your apples.

Bed bugs can hide in narrow cracks and seams, leaving only their cast skins, droppings and annoying bites as signs of their presence.
Seed Moth Photo

Birdseed Moths usually hitch a ride into homes as larva in birdseed. Then as moths, they can spread to kitchens and other sources of food.
Clothes Moth Photo

Clothes moths lay their eggs on your fabrics. Their larva eat holes in treasured blankets and clothes before becoming moths and repeating the cycle.
Cockroach Photo

Cockroachs prefer to scamper along edges and in the dark. Our cockroach traps use a natural attractant to lure roaches onto the sticky trap.
Codling Moth Photo

Codling Moths lay their eggs on your fruit, their larva eat holes through the fruit itself. Use our traps to detect them so you know when to treat!
Earwig Photo

Earwigs are nocturnal by nature, and prefer to hide in dark damp locations. Our traps are safe for indoor or outdoor use.
Flea Photo

Fleas are attracted by warmth, as they seek new hosts to feed on. They can hitch a ride home by staying on a warm host until they are indoors.
Flour Moth Photo

Flour Moths eat the grains and cereals that they can find, this includes birdseed and even some kinds of pet food.
Fruit Fly Photo

Fruit Flies like to feed on yeasts which break down ripe fruit. They have a short lifespan, but can reproduce rapidly.
Gnats Photo

Gnats are caught by our Gnat Stix, which are easy to use, and capable of killing the adult flies for months as they climb out of the soil.
Fly Photo

House Flies are annoying as they buzz about through rooms, or against tapping against windows and lights when they fly into those objects.
Japanese Beetle Photo

Japanese Beetles like to eat ornamental shrubs and plants in gardens. Their younger stages will hide in the soil, attacking the roots of the plants.
Mosquito Photo

Mosquitos bite shortly before they go to lay their eggs. They seek water sources for their eggs and food that is nearby.
Fly Photo

Outdoor Flies can be an annoyance when they gather near your doors or windows.
Flour Moth Photo

Pantry Moths can enter a home in a variety of ways. The larva eat grains and cereals, while the adults fly about and lay eggs near food sources.
Spider Photo

Spiders hunt in a variety of ways, spinning webs or chasing down prey. These traps exploit their run-and-hide behavior by giving them a place to hide, and get stuck.
Stink Bug Photo

Brown Marmorated Stink bugs attack a variety of plants as food. When the weather gets cold, they seek out warm shelter, and emit a noxious odor when disturbed.
Yellowjacket Photo

Yellowjackets build their nests early in the season, and then seek out an increasing quantity of food as the season progresses.

SpringStar provides effective, non-toxic, and environmentally safe pest control products. We have developed a complete line of products for your home and garden needs. Our products provide alternatives to traditional chemical pest control methods by using highly-effective insect attractants combined with easy-to-use adhesive traps. Every one of our products is designed to be "EARTH FRIENDLY" by acting as an efficient substitute for harmful pesticides. SpringStar has also reduced the amount of plastic and paper used in our products, but still guarantee that they work exceedingly well. The products we produce are made to be easily recyclable, or compostable, therefore after using our products, you can still contribute to keeping the planet green and healthy.

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